Who am I?

My name is Akshith Konda. and I am just your normal college student or am I.

I am a sophomore at UTSA right now.

Over the past two years, coming in June I have been investing with my own money as a Robin Hood Investor. I started with a little over 8 dollars and grew that a little over 45% in just a year.

I will admit, 2020 was a weird year but the real struggle was learning to invest prior to the beginning of Fractional Investing and the Tesla Surge and both of which played key roles in I would like to prove to you that it takes very little acumen about technology and the right habits and the correct methods of financing to begin investing with as little as a dollar and while it’s simply a very different ball game if you were playing with 10 dollars versus 10k

It becomes a different type of investing all together simply because at that point it simply just a different objective to invest with in mind.

Over time I will blog on my publication about these things and how they work and how you can profit off of these with out the gimmick of some pro investors. While I get that everyone, whether actively or passively invests

See I am simply a guy with a mission. To make the world of money simple for even the dumbest and even better for the smartest of us so everyday I update my publication, The Finance Spot, with the most nifty and the most highlighted and the best stock picks of the trading week and how the will behave in the weeks following, the risers and fallers of the previous week, interactions with you as they come in and a quote daily and one to highlight the week so I can have the opportunity to brighten someone’s day.I’ve spent the best parts of the pandemic pretty much just outside and deep in thought about who I am and I guess it was a very good way to spend that time especially as a 20 year old with little to no sense of direction in life. I began investing because I wanted a sense of purpose and a life full of joy but in the 21st century that means a lot of the time being extremely liquid.

I began investing to find that sense of purpose and to begin to define who I am. With time a task that became daunting when I first saw it became more purposeful and more full of life. I don’t wanna talk a lot about my life and it’s tragedies now as I feel that I wouldn’t be able to adequately describe them without breaking down.

I started the Finance Spot again as a pet project but I can see it travelling far and creating a movement as it gains more views and treks on. I’ve gotten many emails and calls about it and I don’t think I’ll stop trying to out do my work and I think over time It’ll evolve. Every day is a new challenge and I think with time I’ll be up for it.

The goal of the publication is to help people invest more frequently and to make money on those investments. I would like to request you to go over to my blog and read it today. I am working on several other big announcements that will be coming out with time but I will not say more about them.

Guys as we grow I will be posting more and more content not only on Medium but also on YouTube and other places like Instagram and Facebook, oddly enough I’m also active on Twitter like Elon Musk and like many many people.

Thank You!!!





This is gonna be fun!!

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Akshith Konda

Akshith Konda

This is gonna be fun!!

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