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Akshith Konda
4 min readJan 2, 2021


Guys, 2021 is gonna be a new year, and with Joe Biden Sworn in as The 46th President.

Well, the markets’ gonna be making some historical shifts up and down. 2020 was a freaking mess and 2021 is gonna be our year guys I can feel it. So before I lose it to the absolute hell 2020 was Let’s get it.

Monthly Shortlists#2:

2021 is a new year so to kinda begin 2021 the best thing to do for the first three trading days is to simply watch the behavior of your current trades then invest. But My Shortlist entering 2021 would be these five!!!

1. Tesla(TSLA): Tesla was arguably the best benefactor of 2020. With stock prices surging to hit an all-time high of 705.84 to close the year out, it’s arguable that Tesla will experience an even better year this year in 2021 with all the Green New Deal Bills the Democrats are cooking up.

2. Bitcoin(BTC): No one predicted Bitcoin would surge this high but companies such as Square(SQ), Google(GOOGL), and Tesla (TSLA) all invest in large amounts of Crypto. Crypto is becoming the next generation of currency and I think 2020 only made that stronger if anything, really.BTC sits around 29,157.60 at the moment. I expect this month that BTC actually spikes in price to about 32k. So place your bets guys. Within the next year, BTC could have a per coin value of 400k per coin or higher. I usually don’t recommend Bitcoin to people because of its high volatility and constant changes but it’s really proving to be a huge asset this month and in the coming months.

3. Square(SQ): Square kinda ties into BTC very cleverly. Square is the owner of Cash App and is most notable for the Square Payment Portal. Square owns about 100 Million in Bitcoin Assets. So as the value of Bitcoin rises so does their stock and asset class. It’s a very proactive strategy but it’s not without its flaws. Bitcoin is very risky but because it’s in a very unique asset class

4. New York Mortgage Trust(NYMT): The New York Mortgage Trust relies a lot on the New York Real Estate Market and it was a Performer in terms of Market Value, well, as one goes the other follows but as the New York Real Estate Market makes a rebound we can expect this trust to hype up its value real quick.

5. SPDR S&P500 ETF Trust: This fund is the largest ETF Funds in the world. SPDR is a trademark of Standard and Poor’s Financial Services LLC, a subsidiary of S&P Global. This fund has a lot of assets in its portfolio therefore minimizing risk and The fund has a net expense ratio of 0.0945%. The value of one share of the ETF is worth approximately 1/10 of the cash S&P 500’s current level. This actually makes it a very valuable asset class on the NYSE and S&P500 Market classes.

Guys 2021 is full of IPO’s Here’s a list of eight companies to look out for and make sure to let me know which are winners and losers

  1. Bumble — Est Valuation: US$6–8 billion
  2. Instacart — Est Valuation: US$30 billion
  3. Petco — Est Valuation: US$6 billion
  4. Nextdoor — Est Valuation: US$4–5 billion
  5. RobinHood — Est Valuation: $8–12 billion
  6. Coinbase-Est Valuation 12.1 Billion
  7. Stripe- Est Valuation:1.8 Billion
  8. Squarespace- Est Valuation 3.1 Billion

Guy’s My Youtube Channel is starting to kick it up a notch I’ve completed around 20 videos worth of content and I’m preparing to film them but with the spring semester knocking… Well, I’ll make sure the first few videos are out and about in the next week or so.

But until then guys make sure to subscribe to this blog and do head over to my Youtube Channel and sub there as well and so you can check it out when the content finally makes its way there. Guys Send me Memes, I have a lot of plans for the meme reaction segment of this channel. Sub to my social media which is below. Anyway, I’d like to say Happy New Year and Thank God this year is over. Guys, Go ahead and Check out my Blogger Content as well, and Over the Weeks, I’ll start transferring my content from that blog and onto this one!!!

Just a quick note The word ‘Links’ will start to appear in all of my blogs moving forward this is a hyperlink to my Linktree, and before your dirty minds tell you I have an Onlyfans I don’t and as we make this year better we have lots of trading to do guys so wait Till Monday or Tuesday to place your orders and I’d like to say Happy New Year and Thank God this year is over.

I’ll see you in 2021.






Akshith Konda