Welcome to the new Blog. It’s gonna be Lit!!!

Guys, 2021 is gonna be a new year, and with Joe Biden Sworn in as The 46th President.

Well, the markets’ gonna be making some historical shifts up and down. 2020 was a freaking mess and 2021 is gonna be our year guys I can feel it. So before I lose it to the absolute hell 2020 was Let’s get it.

  1. Instacart — Est Valuation: US$30 billion
  2. Petco — Est Valuation: US$6 billion
  3. Nextdoor — Est Valuation: US$4–5 billion
  4. RobinHood — Est Valuation: $8–12 billion
  5. Coinbase-Est Valuation 12.1 Billion
  6. Stripe- Est Valuation:1.8 Billion
  7. Squarespace- Est Valuation 3.1 Billion

This is gonna be fun!!