Weekly Blog #8: Weekly Watchlist, How the Vaccine Roll out will affect the Market Moving Forward, The Implications of the new Presidency on the market and how it will work.

Akshith Konda
6 min readJan 24, 2021


Weekly Watchlist #8

This week is pretty weird in terms of how the market was behaving, We had a new president take office, new measures to undo certain missteps taken by his predecessor and a new Relief Bill the likes of which we’ve never seen. But then it stands that all of the newer things like Green Energy, Space, AI, Travel, and Big Tech and Stocks are all gonna start taking larger leaps so here’s 5 stocks to keep an eye on plus on honorable mention!!! These also come Monthly By the way!!

  1. Tesla(TSLA): This is the fifth time this stock is on my list. But this is a big stock in the energy sector. Tesla is one of the highest performing stocks on the market! But if Tesla keeps performing this way, they will have more long term growth than we have seen in the last year as well. Tesla Stock is volatile but it is simply more growth driven and event oriented than most other stocks, meaning that if Elon decides to put something out there Tesla’s stock price will go up or down based on what it is. This stock is currently at the price point of $846.64
  2. Virgin Galactic(SPCE): This is the best time to buy or sell this stock. Virgin Galactic is the only Space Company you can put money into on the NYSE or and or on any Public Index.This stock is currently at $34.28
  3. C3.Ai(AI): AI is taking the world by storm and this little company is paving the way on the public index for much smaller and more focused companies to work and allow them to move into the public marketplace.This stock is priced at $126.57
  4. Apple(AAPL): Apple is the Most Valuable company Ever.There’s no fighting that and with the stuff of legends Apple has led the charge to ne technology for over six decades. The iPhone is their prized possession and thus any announcements regarding it controls its stock with an iron fist. Apple now trades around $136.57.
  5. AirBNB(ABNB): AirBNB is a stock that IPO’d too high and still managed to do good things!!! AirBnB is a travel company mixed with 21st century technology and that’s what makes it such a valuable tool. AirBnb has a lot of cash flow and it makes it extremely valuable going forward!!

Honorable Mention: Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund(XLE): Energy is all over the place and its important now more than ever. This fund invests in all forms of energy!!! This fund is also relatively affordable at $42.07 Buying in now is basically a no brainer.

How the Vaccine Roll out will affect the Market Moving Forward

This year is better than the year that felt like 10 years obviously that’s 2020 but 2021 is gonna pickup where 2021 left off and with Joe Biden leading the way to a brighter America one which we are proud of, The market will also respond that way.

The Field of Genomics and Biotech will all see incredible rises as the begin their exponential growth curves. Don’t get me wrong Exponential Growth isn’t always the answer to profits but the news has a lot of say in the growth of a company!!

The Vaccine Roll out will affect Moderna,Johnson&Johnson, and Pfizer’s stock the most as they begin the climb. It will also affect how the world begins to see that stock and how investors pour their capital into that stock.

The Ace in the hole with these stocks is that long term there isn’t too much of an upside to it so if you’re gonna go for it now’s the time to purchase your stake in Moderna,Johnson&Johnson, or Pfizer. By certain estimates March all the way through June would be the correct time to pull your investment out of Moderna or Pfizer.

By then most of the world will have received the first doses or their second doses. Because the Vaccine Roll out is heavily politicized this demands a lot of transparency and wisdom to understand where and how the vaccine will be delivered to people. The Vaccine roll out will be going on all year but most people will either receive in mid-February or Early March and for the Vaccines that require Booster shots may be till April or June at the absolute latest for those from Moderna or Pfizer.

But since Johnson and Johnson only requires one shot this means that J&J will have a larger upside on a more rapid basis meaning that if they get approved for emergency use then it would be nearly impossible to predict how much upside they could have.

J&J would be able to handle the logistics to service countries like India and China all by themselves unlike Pfizer/BioNTech. J&J can make up to 1B Vaccines per month and with their infrastructure they would meet that criteria at any given point. This means that J&J could see upsides that are legendary in terms of over all returns but its unlikely to happen overnight.

The Implications of the New Presidential Administration on the US Economy and the World Stage and how they effect the international market going forward

The US is and has been in a similar frenzy almost 100 years before but 100 years ago things weren’t as bad as they are now. The world makes more sense of things like this if the UN is more involved in them like during the Cold War and such.There has really been little help for 2020 so I guess it makes sense that 2021 feels a bit better and things are looking in the right direction.

Presidential Changes often mean that the markets are gonna rise to new heights but this year it did something weird. It just basically did a 180 and went up and plateaued. The next day well was quite eventful and the day after was just soaring high. So this presidency is not doing anything wrong neither are they doing anything out of sheer will. They simply do not control the market to that extent.

The stocks that will be affected the most are Green Energy, Renewable Infrastructure, Big Tech, AI, SPACs, EV, Biotech, Genomics and Construction. Most will either begin or plateau their exponential growth rates and this will continue for the long term, now what makes this so important?

For this to happen or even begin most of these companies need to receive contracts for something in the Biden Administration and some are in the private sector and others are government contracted subsidizes. Most work on projects like the Commercial Crew Program and The Artemis Missions both of which constitute NASA’s main system of missions while some work on things that are a bit more interesting.

Moderna, Johnson&Johnson, and Pfizer were part of a government contract program called Operation Warp Speed. A Trump Era Attempt at accelerating research all of these companies were granted massive contracts to accelerate research with worldwide partners and such.

When the end of the Trump Era was just disgraceful ending in a historically brutal show of mass terror and defacing towards a sanctuary of modern Democracy, well let’s just go with this week the markets were recovering from their strangleholds of Trump and learning to let go and Embrace an new era of change.


This year is different in a lot of ways and whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is up to many of us and in the sense of helping the people this makes it even worse than being complicit about the events of last year but 2021 is filled with the personification of the myth of the Phoenix now not that a lot of my readers know what that’s to mean but it usually signifies rebirth usually after a long period of suffering.

2021 hopes to purge 2020 of its hellish feeling and I can see that happening sooner than later!!!

So to all my readers as of now, thank you for continuously checking in with my readings. Please feel free to check out my social media and other blogs as the year goes on. My YouTube Channel is going to be great as the years kindly go on but for now I guess its time to . As usual my links will be below!! Have a nice week and hopefully my picks help you out!!



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