Weekly Blog #7: Weekly Shortlist, The Future and what to look forward to in 2021 and Beyond,YouTube Updates!!!!

Akshith Konda
6 min readJan 16, 2021


Hey guys, welcome back to the blog, My name is Akshith Konda and this is the Finance Spot Blog, if you are new, hi, welcome, please consider subscribing and becoming a fan to hear my weekly stock picks and new stories in the finance world and things to look forward to. So as it is Saturday, I think its best if we just say that this weeks research didn’t really begin till Thursday Morning.

Weekly Shortlist: Guys week 7’s weekly shortlist will consist of an IPO that went public this week!!!

  1. Procure Space ETF(UFO): Guys as one of the most reliable and largest Space Exploration ETF’s in the world. Though it doesn’t involve SpaceX it still has a lot of credibility as one of the biggest Space EFT’s on the NYSE.As a stock and ETF, UFO holds a price at $27 as of today.
  2. Tesla(TSLA): As the leader of the EV market, Tesla’s growth is no where near complete. EV’s are a conceptual technology meaning that while they are practical and viable certain conditions don’t allow them to function as good as ICE’s. Tesla is pioneering that front and as of today, Tesla has a healthy price of $826 With Green Energy on the rise, Tesla could see a gigantic jump in price as it could as much as see a six fold in growth.
  3. PoshMark(POSH): Poshmark is a social e-commerce giant who specializes in used apparel.Poshmark has a lot of value as it continues to destabilize giant Amazon along with Etsy and other e-commerce sites. Poshmark actually fell after IPO at 100.00, and it fell to $83 later Friday afternoon.
  4. SciPlay Corporation(SCPL):A gaming company, SciPlay has been working to keep us busy during this questionable time and very well at that. They are a small company and are doing a lot. This is a recent IPO and it has lots of value long term.
  5. Vix(VIX): Guys this last one is an entire index and Vix is a huge index playing at the middle ground of the NYSE. VIX is run and powered by the Chicago Board Options Exchange’s CBOE Volatility Index, a popular measure of the stock market’s expectation of volatility based on S&P 500 index options. Using the S&P 500 Index to evaluate and decipher the market trend allows this Index to function a lot like a SPAC(special purpose acquisition company).

The Future and what to look forward to in 2021 and Beyond:a deep analysis of this coming fiscal year, New IPO’s to be excited about and how to get your hands on them, and lastly a new outlook on 2020 and how it shapes 2021’s overall outlook.

2021 is bound to be what 2020 wasn’t but as of now it’s kinda looking like a bad remake of 2020. The economy is in tatters, the world is in a serious global viral outbreak that came from China, who everyone now hates, there are several climate outbreaks that made us woke as hell to how we damaged our planet, a nuclear explosion took out nearly 10% of Beirut and the list goes on.

With 2021, this fiscal year will primarily be for recovery and growth,businesses will be finally getting back on track and on their own feet and stimuli will be needed less and less. So I think 2022 will be that year where the economy starts shooting off into space. As the restrictions die down and we return to our regularly scheduled programming its clear that stocks will return to their regular growth phases at that point at least by June 2022 at the earliest, honestly I have no idea but this is a good estimate.

2021 is filled with new IPO’s and it raining Benjamin's if you can find them. If you don’t know what an IPO is….. well its when a company first offers the price of their stock to the public. This is that price. Anyway,I am gonna help you make this easy and give you the IPO’s anyway!! The best way to invest in all these companies is to contact them directly and offer x amount of money.

All Valuations are not final as of yet as initial funding rounds are still going through for the first Quarter of 2021 or they are hitting their final venture capital funding rounds. Guys, there are over 30 IPO’s this year but these are the one’s I’m looking forward to.

  1. ThreadUp- Est Valuation :US $1–2 Billion, Est IPO: Feb 2021
  2. Bumble — Est Valuation: US$6–8 billion, Est IPO:Feb 2021
  3. Instacart — Est Valuation: US$30 billion, Est IPO: Q2 2021
  4. Petco — Est Valuation: US$6 billion Est IPO: 2021
  5. Nextdoor — Est Valuation: US$4–5 billion,Est IPO:2021
  6. RobinHood — Est Valuation: $8–10 billion, Est IPO:Q2 2021
  7. Coinbase-Est Valuation 12.1 Billion, Est IPO: Q3 2021
  8. Stripe- Est Valuation:1.8 Billion, Est IPO: Feb 2021
  9. SquareSpace- Est Valuation 3.1 Billion, Est IPO: Feb 2021

Guys, Financially, its simple, 2020 was a train wreck but if you look at it a certain way 2020 is actually okay for some reason. We all had some form of personal growth and self evaluation. It helped us grow. I’m not trying to sound cheesy but with the virus raging in China early in January and February and WWIII almost starting twice this year the markets almost tanked earlier than they did. So many things could have gone wrong way before the expiration date.2020 was a year in which we could basically just live even if it was in our own houses and trapped with the family we sometimes despise but mostly love.

2021 is gonna be a lot like 2020, the virus still rages on in key hot spots all over the world and it’s becoming worse, President-Elect Joe Biden says that there will be at least one lock down this year lasting 100 days or more. Vaccinations are going on but the time taken will be just unbearable. As more vaccines are approved for emergency use and are practically issued it becomes a matter of how the vaccine is delivered and issued.

2021 will get better though as the Vaccine become more readily available and so does testing, we will be able to see how things go in terms of spreading the virus. By Summer 2021, it should be safe for college Students to convene in classes but it still looking a lot more hopeful. I’ll tell you virtual classes are a basic stab in the back.By 2022, we should be back to whatever we were doing 2020, the economy won’t go back to how it was. 2020 provided a lot of insight as to how we function in a society and on what to fix and what to improve on. This changed a lot of the civil infrastructure and how we looked at things from a new perspective. So, 2021 will be new and it will awesome but if will be a maze of understanding in terms of what we need to do to get back on our feet. Those are the thing we need to understand this year and that’s what we need to work towards.

YouTube Updates:

It’s taken a few months or so but I am finally ready to begin uploading to YouTube!!! I will begin filming in a couple of weeks as this week college is starting its second semester and I have a lot to do for the next week or so.

For those of you who want some context, my videos and their topics range from Personal Finance to Venture Capital. I always do my research before giving you any research and script my videos ahead of time this strategy takes a long while and as of now it makes good sense to continue this way.

Guys, I have loved doing my research for this trading week and I really enjoyed it. You guys are all amazing and I hope I see you next week. Catch me on YouTube, my other social media, and on my other blog, the links will be below.


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