This Week’s Stock picks, How the World is responding to a change in pace, How the Market will make a turnaround and what to invest in so that you can have the return of a lifetime,Preparing for a More Liberal America and what that does for us, My goals and inhibitions for this blog and my YouTube Channel.

Hey Guys, it was a bad week for the stock market this week started with some of the lowest down turns in years, the market is still a good place to put your money into but in times like these where there are a whole slew of options, its best to go with the flow.EV,AI,Big Tech,Space,Internet,Telecom,SPACs,Green Energy, and Solar all of which are geared for long term growth.

This week on the Finance Spot we discuss Week 8 of the Stock Picks but week 4 of January’s Stock Picks. We also discuss the new trends and the upcoming trends in the market and how they are going to impact us going forward, I also look at some risers and fallers from the last 21 days to help give you some insight about it. I finally make clear my goal for this blog and for the upcoming YouTube Channel and so we shall jump into it

While I could go on for years about how these fields will yield life changing returns its all just gonna take some time while it may have its ups and downs we’ve gotta wade through them to get to the gold. So while I have your attention, let’s get it.

This week’s Stock Picks

This week was an even weirder week, Gamestop, AMC and their partners became extremely volatile as the week went on, in fact as I went to expand my Shares Robinhood blocked me from buying any yesterday. And today they are limiting order prices to help with Market Volatility. Don’t worry this is a normal occurrence, the Market does not like Volatility and neither do the trading apps such as Robinhood, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab and others. So Let’s get it!! This week we’ll have a few stocks kinda all over the place but don’t worry, this is to combat that volatility that may drag down or raise your portfolio to new heights! This Watchlist is gonna be the longest one I’ve ever built so if this turns to a ten minute read don’t be mad!

  1. Churchill Capital(CCIV): Churchill Capital is a Blank Check Company AKA a SPAC(Special Purpose Acquisition Company), this SPAC is famous for the SPAC deal with EV newcomer and Tesla Rival, Lucid. After the Merger fell through they hope to revise the deal so that they can still have a product to sell through and so that they can make profits and so that Lucid can go Public. The EV space is growing but its only a matter of time before Tesla isn’t the only one in that space with a large market share. The Lucid Air goes on sale in the summer of 2021(July). CCIV is currently priced at $23.08
  2. Two Harbors Investment(TWO): Two Harbors Investment is a SPAC as well it takes on the Real Estate Sector and they have a price of $6.07. Two Harbors Investments is a real estate investment corporation and how they function is by buying up shares in smaller portions or equity. Once the company goes public, the shares rally and they take some profit, the founders take profit and such.
  3. Carnival Cruise Lines Corporation(CCL): Carnival before the pandemic of 2020 was actually doing well, sales were up, cruises were going places and not stuck in their ports of origin, People were happy and then they faced a lot of garbage with lawsuits and other charges relating to the virus and frankly they weren’t the only ones, United, Southwest and the whole travel industry all really faced these issues! Carnival is a stock to buy and in the long run it is better to buy and then sell at the price of about 80.00 but some experts it could go up to 200.00 in late 2021 or early 2022. It is priced at $18.96
  4. Switchback Energy(SBE): Again, another SPAC specializing in EVs this SPAC actually has nothing to do with Lucid or Faraday Future, another competitor in the manufacturing industry but SBE actually helps Blink and Chargepoint with their public deals and so if you ever see Chargepoint in the public index it’s probably SBE’s doing.It is priced at $38.06
  5. Virgin Galactic(SPCE): Virgin Galactic is the only public space company in which you can purchase shares. Virgin Galactic is also an event driven company so if nothing happens, the share price will stay the same, if something that will harm the company happens, like a company plane blows up, then its negative, and if a company plane makes orbit then it will impact the shares as well, the same goes for SpaceX and Blue Origin.Virgin Galactic is a very interesting company as for another income source it acts as a SPAC and for this company to take 23andMe public is a big step forward to say 'I’m ready to evolve.' It is priced at $44.29
  6. Procure Space ETF(UFO):As a company, Procure holds investments everywhere and while it’s not a SPAC it behaves a lot like one enveloping every space stock it can find. UFO is the largest space stockholder you can find. Worth in the ballpark of 2B it creates a sense of wonder and inspiration to travel beyond earth one day.It is priced at $27.25
  7. S&P Aerospace and Defense ETF(XAR): This is a tricky one but its also one that you should consider because as the Economy makes its return this ETF will continue to make a return. Stocks like SpaceX, Lockheed Martin, and all other defense contractors are in this ETF. It’s priced at 111.17
  8. CIIG Merger Corp(CIIC): This is yet another EV SPAC but it’s got a lot of potential for long term growth. CIIG is at the price of $26.95

How the Market will make a turnaround and what to invest in so that you can have the return of a lifetime?

It’s true that this year the market is a bit more volatile and its going to the event driven side more than it did in 2008’s Great Depression. But this depression has more upside than that did recovering quicker than that depression did as well. But it will still take time and we need to buy as much time as possible so that we can make it to new heights that will make our current economy look like a side show.

Things to invest in:

EV stocks: Now is the time to get in on these stocks, by 2030 if all continues this way about 42% of all vehicles made will be electric.This industry is in its infancy and while it looks like Tesla is leading the way, they will not be the only ones for very long. Think about placing money in stocks like Churchill Capital(CCIV) and Switchback Energy(SBE).

AI Stocks: AI is advancing at a very rapid rate. AI is about as intelligent as a 4 year old kid as of today. To begin to advance at the rate of a seven year old we need to begin a lot of studying into the human condition and as those studies take time, the evolution of AI also takes time but these programs can leapfrog human nature as they have no independent nature of their own. Think about placing money in C3.AI(AI).

Tech Stocks: Investing in the latest tech is always a good thing but when it goes sideways there’s now upside just luckily companies like Amazon, Apple, Samsung,and other Tech Giants who feel the need to compete in the world of tech.

Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrencies are another form of currency and like the US dollar or the Indian Rupee it needs a quantity of currency to exist. Things like Bitcoin, Litecoin,Dogecoin, these Cryptos need to be invested in but they have high potency and high values. The thing about cryptos I would advise you against is that you watch out and invest short term but long term Cryptos are staying here and estimates from the Winkelvoss twins say that Bitcoin could be worth 500k a coin.

These are the four things you should invest in as the months go on and as time goes on these should remain in your portfolio, rain or shine.

Preparing for a more Liberal America and how that will affect us!!

Guys it’s here a more liberal America. Woohoo!!! Yes!! A more liberal America is here and some people are happy and others are just disappointed. Joe Biden is now our president and Kamala Harris our VP.

I’m happy but there are people who think the economy will sink to the non existent floor. My answer to these people, it takes some time and some patience to see any real change. Change always takes time and its not hard to see that its coming soon though its not overnight it does take time and since it does its good to look at what might go up and what might go down

Risers: Tesla(TSLA),Bitcoin(BTC),SwitchBackEnergy(SBE),Apple(AAPL),First Solar(FSLR)

Fallers: Amazon(AMZN), Google(GOOGL),Intel(INTC),MIcrosoft(MSFT)

These may seem like big names but they have fallen hard in the last 10 days or more so It’s worth mentioning that much. Liberal America is shifting towards clean air, Solar Power, EVs and things of that nature but Apple will always be up there so yeah..

My Goal with the Blog and YouTube and my inhibitions for these platforms.

I have been blogging for 8 weeks now and I don’t think I’ve made my goal clear to anyone of you. This blog and this YouTube Channel mean everything thing to me, in positioning my response I say this, I will always be honest about my writings and I aim to be as transparent as possible with anything I do concerning the blog or the channel. I also aim to be the best financial advisor I can to you, your family and beyond. I truly believe that this generation will have more of an impact on the future and though I have no idea about the path forward I want to be the one to help guide the world that way. My channel is live, but there’s simply no content there yet, I’m drafting my first 20 videos and once I’m done with that I will aim to bring the best financial content I can to YouTube and frankly to the world. My primary goal with this blog is to create a centralized community of investors around not only the US Stock Exchange but also around concepts like Venture Capital, Real Estate and other complex and very simple financial topics.


So we’ve reached the end, My blogs will usually be uploaded by Saturday Night, this week I was just too busy with Homework and other things in between that so This blog is coming on Sunday afternoon. Sorry about that.

If you liked my content, please do go ahead and try to find me on YouTube and subscribe, Check out my other blog all the links will be in my Linktree Below. Find me on Instagram and on Twitter and do DM me about questions to talk about and write about in my blogs and videos. I will try and answer them to the best of my ability. Consider becoming a fan and writing comments for my blog I love reading comments and responding to them. I also love engaging with my Audience and with fans of my work. Hope to see you next week!







This is gonna be fun!!

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This is gonna be fun!!

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